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Corporate Social Responsibility

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania joins Intesa Sanpaolo Group efforts to contribute to the preservation of our natural environment, health, work, the future, the well-being of the entire community and the protection of the social relations system. In this framework Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania promotes and implements corporate and social responsibility policies and practices in relation to its employees, its customers, its suppliers, its shareholders and the environment.

In achieving this the bank is guided by the Code of Ethics, which is a governance tool, and part of the wider vision of the bank’s social and environmental responsibility and attributes primary importance to our relations with our stakeholders. From constructive dialogue with them springs a process that activates a circle of continuous improvement, through listening to requests and balancing them with respect to company strategy.


For any complains regarding the implementation of the Code of Ethics please feel free to contact us in this address:

For Our Employees
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania believes that respect for the personality and dignity of each employee is fundamental for developing a work environment based on reciprocal trust and loyalty and which is enriched by the contribution of each individual.
Moreover, a clear focus on internal communication through various channels has helped create an environment where our employees stay updated with bank related developments both within and outside of it.
Participation of managers from all bank divisions in different meetings organized by the Group has helped the bank in sharing and learning from best practices of the banks belonging to the Group.
Meanwhile, support and increasing commitment for the participation of bank employees in sports and other joint activities has received an increased focus by the bank to help improve the wellbeing and team spirit of its employees.
During the year, the bank’s sponsored football team was able to attend four different championships, two of which were organized outside of the country, in Porec – Croatia and Alassio – Italy. Another important development was the creation of the first ever women’s volleyball team.
Another major sports event, which was organized for the first time ever in Albania called - Milan Junior Camp, was held during the week of 30th of June to 4th of July. This bank cosponsored event brought together over 400 children from around the country, ages 8-16. The bank ensured that a good number of the staff’s children were given the opportunity to go and attend the event as well, and train using methods of the A.C. Milan’s official technical staff.
Another unique summer vacation’s event for the staff’s children was the opportunity to spend two weeks in the village of Follonica in Italy, where they were able to enjoy an international vacations experience together with many children from Italy and the countries around the region.
An intensive dialogue was established during 2008 between management and staff for the rebranding process. The staff was informed on the process and invited to participate actively to the success of the rebranding. The communication was top down through an official communication of the CEO addressed to every single employee, followed by a convention to share the values of the Group, the vision and the new visual identity.
For Our Customers

The bank believes that customers should always be at the centre of its attention and that only through an on-going dialogue can it truly understand their true expectations and maintain excellent relations. To achieve this, the Bank continuously implements systems and tools with this aim in mind.

A most recent tool was the implementation of the “Listening 100%” program which aims at creating a multi-entry feedback platform for the concerns and suggestions of customers.
This program consists in the gathering and analyzing of feedback created by customers and collected through channels which include printed materials and online forms that customers can fill out and then submit to the Customer Relationship Manager for follow-up and analysis.
The bank believes that enduring relationships based on trust require communication that allows customers to always understand the features and value of all the products and services offered to them and/or purchased by them. Thus it always seeks to simplify the products, make contracts easily understood and reduce possible misunderstandings and ambiguities by providing clear and exhaustive information. Thus a sustained focus was maintained on having clear communications and regular notification of customers regarding bank products and services through all available channels.
For Our Suppliers
The bank believes that behavior based on listening and sharing ideas with its suppliers fosters the on-going improvement of those relationships, reinforcing them and generating reciprocal value.
It is the bank’s conviction that a clear and transparent attitude contributes to maintaining enduring relationships with suppliers. And that that integrity is a fundamental premise of these relationships.
A big company should be able to manage responsibly the contractual position, therefore it strives to guarantee equal opportunity in the selection of suppliers and commercial partners, taking into account their compatibility with and capacity for the size and needs of our company.
For Our Shareholders
The bank acts in such a way that the value of all shareholders’ capital invested in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania is protected and increased in a sustainable manner. It guarantees equal information and the best attention to shareholders, without any discrimination or preferences.
All the financial communications of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, as well as those submitted to the Supervisory and Control Authorities, both domestic and international, were based on the transparency, exhaustiveness and timeliness of the information, as well as on full respect for the law and the codes of self-discipline adopted. In order to guarantee equal information, various channels were used, including the web, where financial statements, annual reports, press releases and presentations to the market of corporate results and principal corporate data are published.
For Our Environment
Environmental protection is one of the key dimensions of the bank’s commitment to fulfill its social responsibilities. We join the idea that a Group like Intesa Sanpaolo has a significant influence in terms of environment sustainability, particularly in the social and environmental context in which it carries out its operation, both in short and long term.
From this vantage point we guarantee complete and substantial compliance with legislative provisions regarding the environment. During 2008, efforts were made to improve the procurement system incorporating CSR principles. Energy saving parameters as well as environmental principles were more and more incorporated in the opening of new branches.
We continuously seek new and effective solutions for the environment even through the offer of products and services to our customers and solutions to our suppliers.
We have undertaken to spread best practices regarding environmental responsibility, through the implementation of international principles such as the UNEP Declaration, the Global Compact of the United Nations and best practices shared among the banks of the Group.

We continued our cooperation with the Global Compact Initiative in Albania participating in all local events organized and sharing best practices in Albania. In this framework, we promoted the 10 principles of Global Compact publishing them in our entire network, in the public area.


Social Report


The Social Report is the result of a process focusing on the dialogue with our most important stakeholders. The aim of this report is to give account of our capacity to operate consistently in keeping with our values, responding to the expectations of all the people we deal with. As well as being a means of communication, it is a management tool for monitoring progress and planning improvements, thus increasing stakeholder satisfaction.


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For further information related to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group activities in the Corporate Social Responsibility areas please visit:

Group’s Sustainability section







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