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Business Loan

If you are looking for an active loan product to cover your expected and unexpected operational needs, this facility can meet your requirements.
It is a working capital designed to finance the following:

  • purchase of inventory, supplies, raw materials, semi-finished or finished goods,
  • current receivables up to maturity against buyers,
  • VAT, customs fees, advances, seasonal fluctuations in business needs.

We will approve your business loan on drawdown options - overdraft, LC or BG credit Line or revolving as advances on Invoice/contracts
We will approve your business loan on drawdown options - overdraft, LC or BG credit Line or revolving as advances on Invoice/contracts
To finance your operations, you may choose from the following forms of the loan:

  • Overdraft facility - an authorized overdraft on your business current account. You cover your expenses from your current account and if your own funds are insufficient, the overdraft facility is automatically drawn. The incoming payments continuously service the facility. Thereby, you draw the loan only as needed, and you pay interest only for the days when the loan is actually drawn.
  • Letter of Credit Credit Line or Bank Guarantee Credit Line - are Lines of Credit covering short-term (up to one year) credit facilities granted to be used by borrowers to supplement their working capital position through the opening of Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit to provide finance for imports or exports and other.
  • Advance on invoices/contracts - utilizing this type of loan, you will obtain external funds, which, based on your current needs, you can repeatedly draw and repay within the agreed credit limit and maturity. Payment and drawdown instructions depend on your current needs. Interest is paid on the amount actually drawn.


  • 12 months

Terms and conditions
Borrower can be a legal entities running their businesses in the Republic of Albania.

  • at least three years business activities
  • the following types of businesses are not eligible:
    • clubs/casinos,
    • operation of gambling/game slot machines,
    • security agencies/services,
    • political parties,
    • pornography, or any related activities,
    • arms trade and production,
  • the borrower must meet Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania’s requirements regarding creditworthiness,
  • proving source of repayment – evidence of capacity to meet obligations arising from the loan, repay the loan including interests and fees within requested maturity and under the terms and conditions agreed in advance.

All acceptable forms of security mutually agreed by the Bank and the client including instruments for enforcement of the lender’s rights (such as blank promissory note, notarial deed).






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