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Account Checks of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania are issued by the bank and signed by the authorized signature of the account, drawn on their account with the bank. You can be provided with a Checkbook at your request, which can be made in the bank or through ABAflex.
You can make payments to third parties by using the account check. These checks are used for payments in the currency in which the account is maintained: LEK, USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF, and are executed upon presentation by the customer (you) of a correctly completed payment order, subject to sufficient coverage. The Checkbook has 25 leaves (checks).
Bank Drafts
Bank Drafts are checks of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania's Correspondent Banks, issued by us on your request, to make payments in the following Currencies:
  • USD - Correspondent Bank (Drawer) JP Morgan Chase Bank, NY
  • EUR - Correspondent Bank (Drawer) BNL, IT
  • GBP - Correspondent Bank (Drawer) Lloyds TSB Bank, UK
Bank Draft bears the authorized signatures of the Bank, and is subject of a bank commission.
Managers Checks
Managers Checks are issued by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania in Lek currency. This checks bears the authorized signatures of the bank, and can be used within Albania to pay third parties for example Custom dues. Issuing of this check by the bank is subject of a bank commission.
Inward payments by Check
Account Checks of our Bank are paid to the Account or in Cash on the spot and free of charges.

Account Checks of the other Banks

  • In Lek are accepted by the bank without any charge and with value dates as per the agreement with BOA.
  • In Foreign Currency are accepted to our counters for payment through clearing or collection against a bank charge.







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