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Current Account_Individual

What is a current account? Current Account is an account that offers you the possibility of carrying out transactions at any time, at no limitations.
What is the currency of a Current Account?

  • LEK Lek
  • EUR Euro
  • USD American Dollars
  • BGP British Pound
  • CHF Swiss Franc


What transactions can I effect through the Current Account?

You can effect all payments you wish through the Current Account in or out of Albania. Also, if you have a Current Account you may effect payments at no commission in all the cities where Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania is present, and settle liabilities for the state institutions such as OSSH, Tax office, social securities, mobile company, etc. Through the Current Account you may accept payments, transfers or deposits by third parties in your name.

Is there a monthly commission applied for the maintenance of this account?

Yes. There is a monthly commission applicable for account maintenance.

Can I have a debit card if I have opened a Current Account?

Yes. If you open a Current Account within the same day you can be supplied with one of our cards, which make possible cash withdrawals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all cities where Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania is present, free of charge. You can also effect transactions worldwide, where VISA card and MasterCard logo are displayed.

Can I be provided with a checkbook if I open a Current Account?
Yes. Current Account offers you the possibility of getting a checkbook and use them for cash withdrawals and it gives the possibility to someone else withdraw cash from your account if you wish.
Is it possible to open a Current Account in my name or in the name of another family member? If yes what are our rights over this account?

Yes. Current Account can have one or several holders who should be present at the moment of its opening. Their rights over the account are defined by the accountholders and specified in the application form at the opening of account.
Do I pay any commission for opening a Current Account?
A Current Account may be opened at any time and it is free of charge.
What documents should I bring in order to open a Current Account?
No more than an identification document such as valid passport, ID, or a certificate with a photo (issued during the last three months).
If I open a Current Account is it possible to use the on-line service offered by the bank?

Yes. If you have a Current Account, you may subscribe for internet banking service, offering you:

- Balance inquiry, account statement, balance printing

- Invoices payment ex. OSSH, tax and duties, mobiles, social securities,

custom duties, etc.

- funds transfer in and out of Albania

- open a time deposit

- require checkbooks, etc

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
How can I be informed on the Current Account progress?

If you come in one of our branches or agencies you can be provided at any time with the statement of your account activity for any period you wish, free of charge. The Bank also offers you the possibility of account balance inquiry through internet via our Internet Banking service.


Can I obtain an Overdraft from the Bank in my Current Account?

Yes. For further information please contact customer service regarding Overdraft terms and conditions.


What should I do to open a Current Account?

All you need is come to any of our branches and our customer service will offer you a quick and qualified service.






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