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FUTURA – account for children

What is a FUTURA account? FUTURA is a long-term investment that enables you to save money that will make you child’s future more secure. FUTURA may be opened in the name of the child from its birth and/or at any time until he becomes 15.
What is the currency of this account?

  • LEK Lek
  • EUR Euro
  • USD American Dollar
What is the minimum amount to be deposited for opening a FUTURA account?

For opening a FUTURA account you need 10,000 LEK, 100 USD or 100 EUR

Who can open a FUTURA account ?

The account in the child’s name can be opened by the parent or legal custodian of the child, or by a relative. But based on law, irrespective of the person who opens this account, only the parent and the legal custodian of the child has the right to administer it.
Who has the right to deposit in FUTURA account?

Everyone who wishes to make a deposit in this account can deposit at any time any kind of amount.
What documents are required for opening a FUTURA account?

Parents, legal custodian or a relative should bring an identification document such as valid passport, identification card, or birth certificate with photo (issued over the last three months).
They should also bring an identity document of the child such as a valid passport, birth certificate with a photo and a family certificate (for parents).
What is the interest for this account ?
FUTURA account benefits preferential interest. The interest of this account changes 4 times a year: on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. The Interest is credited in the account once a year on March 31.
  How can I be informed about the performance of FUTURA account?
You can be supplied at any time with a balance of the child account for the period you wish at no commission. The account statement informs you about all transactions effected in the account and the interest credited until that moment. 
If I open a FUTURA account, can I effect withdrawals at any time?
FUTURA account is a long – term saving account. As such, no withdrawals can be effected until the child becomes 18 years old. 
When can the child own this account?
The child enjoys the right of using his/her account when he/she becomes 18. The bank informs in writing about the existence of FUTURA account on the day he has full capacity to act. The moment the child turns 18, is the maturity time for this account and it is then converted to a common Current Account.
Does the child have any rights over this account prior to age 18?
No, only the parents or the legal custodian of the child may be the administrator of this account until he becomes 18 years old.

The deposit in the Bank is insured by Deposit Insurance Agency up to the amount of 2,500,000 ALL






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