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MasterCard Standard card

If you plan to travel abroad and need to use your card, or want to purchase things over the Internet, then MasterCard (Standard) is the card you are looking for.
MasterCard (Standard) is a debit card that is directly linked with your current account. Thus the card provides you with a convenient way to access the funds in your account, whenever you need them, anywhere around the world. If you need cash it can be obtained at any Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania ATM, or at any other ATM where the MasterCard logo is displayed, both in Albania and abroad.

  • Your MasterCard card is also great for purchases at any POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal in Albania and at millions of merchants worldwide anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed.
  • An added advantage of MasterCard card is the ability to make online purchases over the Internet.
  • As a debit card MasterCard gives you, the cardholder, complete control over your expenditures. Every transaction you perform with the card is clearly displayed on your account statement, allowing you to verify each transaction.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Safer then having to carrying all your cash with you, especially when you travel abroad.
  • A secure and convenient way to access your Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania current account at any time of the day whenever you need it, around the world.
  • Withdraw cash at any of our ATMs or other ATMs in Albania, as well as at over 945,000 ATMs worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Can be used to purchase goods and services both in Albania and at millions of merchant locations worldwide.
  • Suited for Internet purchases, hotel and car reservation, etc.
  • Greater control over your expenditures and ability to verify each transaction in your account.
  • No banking fees for purchases using Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania POS terminals in Albania. (See list of merchants)

Using Your Card

  • Withdrawing Cash: Whenever you need cash it can be obtained at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo, in Albania or abroad. ATMs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Insert your card into the ATM unit, then select the desired language (Albanian or English)
  • After selecting your preferred language the ATM will ask for your 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • Upon entering your PIN then you may select the option for the type of transaction you desire to perform (withdraw cash, check account balance, etc).
  • The ATM will display all your desired selections so just follow the screen instructions.
  • POS purchases: To make a purchase through a POS terminal all you need to do is swipe your card or the cashier at the store may do it for you.
  • After swiping the card and the transaction is processed successfully, then the cashier should give you a receipt to sign, and a second copy that you should keep for your own records.






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