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Intesa Mobile
08006000 (Free from Albtelecom & Eagle)
+355 4 22 76 000/ 222 / 223
+ 355 (0) 692080903
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Organizational Structure 
Board of Directors
Božo Prka – Chairman of the Board of Directors

Paolo Genovese – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Salvatore Catalano – Member of the Board of Directors

Marco Santini – Member of the Board of Directors

Gabriele Gherardi – Member of the Board of Directors

Silvio Pedrazzi – Member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania sh.a.

Ilir Panda – Member of the Board of Directors
Audit Committee
Florion Tefiku  (Chairman)
Chief Internal Auditor at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg
Livio Mannoni (Member)
Governance Processes Management Office, Governance Systems Service Unit,
Resources & Governance Department, International Subsidiary Banks Division
Andrea Tondo (Member)
Direzione Affari Societari e Partecipazioni, Servizio Partecipazioni,
Ufficio Gestione Operativa Partecipazioni, Intesa Sanpaolo Spa.
Executive Directors
Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Markeljan Riska - Head of Compliance & AML Department
Mrs. Entela Zigori - Head of Human Resources and Organization Department
Mrs. Ledia Plaku - Head of Legal Department
Mrs. Klodiana Piqani - Head of Retail Division
Mr. Ervin Xhomo - Head of Corporate & SME Division; 
Mrs. Jola Dima - Head of Risk Management Division
Mrs. Albina Mançka - Head of Operations Division
Mrs. Alketa Lamçe - Head of IT Division
Mr. Julian Çela - Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Ediola Biçaku - Head of Internal Audit Department
Organization Chart


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