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Overdraft Salary

What is the Revolving Advance on Salary (The Overdraft)?
Revolving Advance on Salary is an individual loan suited for the customers to meet their needs for consumption expenses.
Who profits this product?
This service is offered to all the employees of state institutions and companies, private organizations and companies, whose salaries is automatically credited to their accounts at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania.
What about the individuals that do not receive their salaries at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania?

This service is also offered to the individuals whose salary is not credited at our Bank. For more information please visit "Overdraft Retail" or one of our branches.


What is the currency of Advance on Salary?

For those receiving their salary at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, the Advance on Salary is offered in LEK, EUR, USD according to the currency of salary credited in their bank account.


How many salaries are granted?
Advance on Salary includes one to three salaries. However, the Bank evaluates each individual case to determine the amount of the Advance on the Salary.
What is the term of the Advance on Salary?
The Advance on salary is valid for one year. It is automatically renewed unless revoked by the parties.
What is the monthly installment to be paid?
The Customer individually defines the amount of the Advance on Salary that he wants to pay. The minimum amount consists of the monthly interests applied by the Bank for the outstanding amount.
How can I obtain the Advance on Salary / Overdraft?

· Open a current account

· Employment certificate or long – term deposit in the Bank

· Sign the contract

What if the customer has signed the agreement and for a year he has not used the Overdraft?

If the customer has signed but has not used the Advance on Salary, the Bank charges no commission. The customer pays the interests ONLY for the period and amount used.


Can the Companies apply for the Advance on Salary?

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania offers the overdraft facility also to non-individuals (companies, institutions, NGO, etc). For more information please visit the Corporate Department at our Head Quarters in the Block area in Tirana.






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