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Our payment service will enable you to perform non-cash transactions in Lek or foreign currency. The bank performs its payment operations through its network of branches and agencies, as well as the Internet Banking service. Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania has a comprehensive range of Correspondent banks all around the world.Our banking system is connected to the international network of Banks’ transfers through SWIFT.
The bank offers you services for domestic and international payments.
Internal Transfers
Are executed on the spot, free of charges, same value date.

  • Transferring of funds between bank accounts;
  • Tax payments (Income Tax, VAT, ISSH and ISKSH contribution, other taxes);
  • Municipality taxes;
  • Custom Payments;
  • Utility Payments (OSHEE, Water, Albtelecom, AMC, Vodafone)

Incoming Transfers
Remittances received are credited to the customer’s account the same value date of receipt of payment by SWIFT from the foreign banks, and are processed by STP (Straight Through Processing).
Incoming Payments can be:

  • Payments received from local banks in LEK or Foreign Currency
  • Remittances received from banks abroad

Basic data needed for the transfer of a payment to your account at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, from a foreign country via SWIFT system: 

  • Beneficiary's name:
  • Beneficiary's Account number:
  • Beneficiary's Bank: American Bank of Albania, Tirana, ALBANIA
  • SWIFT Code: (SWIFT codes by branch)
  • Our Correspondent Bank: (Correspondent Banks)
  • Purpose of the payment: (e.g. invoice for goods, gift, etc)

Outgoing Transfers
At our Bank you may effect transfer of funds out of the bank in the following currencies:

  • LEK Lek
  • USD American Dollar
  • EUR Euro
  • GBP British Pound
  • CHF Swiss Franks

Outgoing transfer is considered:

  • Transferring of funds to local banks (in LEK or Foreign Currency)
  • Transferring of funds abroad

The International payment orders are executed the same day they are received by the Bank. Payments are normally made with 2 working days value provided they are received by the Bank before 2.30 pm local time. On customer’s request, the bank can execute with same value date payments and the funds can be available to the beneficiary’s bank on the day of processing the payment order. This type of operation is subject to a special expediting charge payable in addition to the applicable standard transfer charges.
Basic data needed for the transfer of a payment to your account at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, from a foreign country via SWIFT system:

  • Beneficiary's name and Address: 
  • Beneficiary's Account number (IBAN),
  • Beneficiary's Bank name and address: 
  • Bank code (such as SWIFT, Routing Number, etc) 
  • Purpose of the payment: (e.g. invoice for goods, contract for services etc)

Documentation required for commercial transfers for goods or services are:

  • Transfer Request properly signed (or the execution of the transaction through Internet Banking);
  • Pro-form Invoice of Goods or Services Contract; 
  • Goods clearing act and the invoice of goods.

Direct Debit

This is a service that Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania offers to its customers, in order to facilitate the payment of their bills through the Bank. This service enables the automatic payment of bills through your account, without you needing to come in the bank or to make it yourself.

This service is based on the Agreements that Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania has with various Companies - Utility providers. Actually you can pay with Direct Debit the bills in favor of:
2. Water Supply Company - Ujesjelles Kanalizime Tirane Sha
3. ALBtelecom Sha
4. EAGLE Mobile
5. Vodafone Albania
6. Plus Communication
7. AMC Albania
8. ABCom
You can have this facility in your service, as soon as you will apply for it in any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania. The application procedure is fast and simple. Direct Debit service is offered free of charge for our customers.


Advantages of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania:

  • Wide range of correspondent banks
  • Connection to SWIFT 
  • Execution through Internet Banking service
  • Automatic Fax Service offered
  • Network of branches
  • Distribution channels at your option – points of sale ( POS’s) 
  • Bank of the International banking group Intesa Sanpaolo






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