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Refinancing Mortgage Loan

Refinancing Mortgage Loan

Refinancing Mortgage Loan 




LEK and EUR  
Min amount: LEK 1,000,000/ EURO 10,000


Purpose of the Loan

  • Purchase of a residential Property (1st, 2nd or other house) and/or Construction of Residential Property
  • Purchase of other real estate (shop, store, office etc.)and /or Construction of other real estate (non-residential)
  • Any other purpose 

Interest rate

Interest rate (on annual basis) for   “Refinancing Mortgage Loan" 

EUR:         1.9% for 1st year or 2.5% for 1st 2 years or 3% for 1st 3 years;
    1Y Euribor + 3.7%, MIR 3.7%  for remaining years


LEK:            2.5% for 1st year or 3% for 1st 2 years or 4% for 1st 3 years;
                      1Y TBill + 1.5%, MIR 3.8% for remaining years 



Min: 5 years; Max: Up to 30 years if the purpose of the Loan is the purchase of a real estate (residential/non- residential real estate)
Up to 20 years if the purpose of the loan is different from the purchase of a real estate


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Collateral type

  • Residential real estate
  • Other real estate

Loan to value (collateral)


  • Up to 70% of collateral value for residential real estate purchase
  • Up to 50% of collateral value for other real estate purchase


Bank participation

  • Not more than 70 % of residential real estate purchase
  • Not more than 50% of other real estate purchase 

Payment method

Fixed monthly installments (principal + interest)


Commissions for “Refinancing Loan”


Administration fee*

0.5 % of the loan amount
Min LEK 10,000 /EUR 100


Amendment of Loan Contract

LEK 21,000/ EURO 150 for each amendment


Additional Payments

  • The notarization of the contracts
  • Life insurance (renewable each year for the outstanding loan amount)
  • Property insurance (for the entire loan period)
  • The evaluation of property by a licensed expert.
  • Maintenance of the current account (as per T&C in force)
  • Expenses in the Registration Office of Immovable Properties



Prepayment fee

Market Innovation:   Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania is the first bank in the country which starting from March 7th ,2016, will no longer apply commissions for the partial or total early repayment of loan before its maturity date, on all the new mortgage loans, which purpose is for the purchase, or construction of a residential immovable property (house, apartment or place of residence)
If the mortgage loan object is the Purchase/Construction of another real estate (shop, store, office etc.)
1% of the prepaid amount when the period till maturity date is less than 1 year
2% of the prepaid amount when the period till maturity date is more than 1 year       


The above data are informational. In order to receive the full Terms and Conditions, please address to one of our nearest branches or carefully read the category Individuals/ Loans/ Effective Interest Rates for Individuals


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